What to wear and what to bring

Kyrgyzstan offers not only a bunch of stuff to see but also welcomes tourists to experience different wheather conditions. While Bishkek and Issyk-Kul heat up to 40° or even 50° Celsius in July and August, the mountains offer a cool retreat.

However, during the day temperatures can rise to good warmth, too. So you need lighter clothes for the day and something warmer for the evening and the nights.

Early and late in the season (April and September), temperatures in the mountains usually stay below 20° Celsius and may drop to below 10° at night.

To make sure that you pack the right stuff, check our checklist on recommended items for your stay at Toodo.

  • Sunscreen (yes, there is sun in the mountains and not as much shade as you might expect)
  • Sweater/long pants in July and August (nights can get cold)
  • Warmer clothing in April, early May and September
  • Decent shoes (some get along with flip flops, but there is adventurous stuff to do)
  • Raincoat (if you plan on hiking a bit, a raincoat is nice to have)
  • Camera/phone (we probably didn’t have to tell you that)

Please consider taking some medication with you in case you have issues with changes in altitude. Especially in combination with temperature discrepancies this can take its toll.

If you think about what other stuff to bring and whether it is needed, feel free to contact us! We want to make sure that you don’t waste valuable space in your backpacks when traveling through Kyrgyzstan.