3-day itinerary at Toodo

You are looking forward to stay for the whole weekend or 2 nights at Toodo? Good choice, and we have some stuff to do for you while you are in the mountains!


The earliest check-in time is 2 p.m. When your tent hasn’t been occupied, you are free to put your stuff inside already. You will be welcomed by a member of our crew and served some chai! Check out the camping ground and make yourself aquainted with our facilities.

We will show you where the kitchen and toilets are and answer any questions you might already have.


If you have been on the road before, now is probably the time to prepare some food. We recommend that you bring the major stuff with you, since the small magazín (shops) nearby are not comparable to a supermarket.

However, we also offer homemade Pelmeni and changing other dishes. Just ask one of our guys or text Bahram in advance!

You can use our kitchen and cook yourself a nice meal and eat either in front of your tent or at our common area.

Small hike to the waterfall

If you feel up to a little exploration of the area, you can hike to the nearby waterfall. It is an easy hike, takes roughly 1h and presents you with the opportunity to let the cold, refreshing mountain water splash your body.

It is a very popular place for locals, so you will probably see quite a few fellow visitors around it.

Afterwards you can explore the surroundings a bit or just head back to the camping place, depending on the time and whether you want to relax.

Closing out the day

Towards the end of the day you will be able to prepare your dinner. Whether you want to grill some shashlik, fry some fish, prepare a salad or eat instant noodles – now is the perfect time for the final meal of the day. Currently we have only one mangal grill but soon every tent will have its own!

If you want, you can use our common area to talk to other guests, watch a movie or just relax. A bit later you might be able to stargaze a bit and when you are tired, your tent will welcome you!

The next morning

After a calm night and good sleep you are ready for breakfast! We offer syrniki, selfmade cottage cheese pancakes and other dishes, that may be subject to change. We keep you informed though!

Now is also the time to prepare for the hike to Kol-Tor lake. Since it is a bit longer, we recommend packing enough water and snacks. Weather in the mountains does also change quite quickly, so make sure to have suitable clothing with you. For the hike you will need some decent shoes.

Hiking to Kol-Tor lake

Our volunteer Genís was the first of our crew to hike to the lake and he wrote down a nice description of how to get there from Toodo. Please use this link to check it out!

Returning to Toodo

Wuhu, you are back! Most likely you will be at least a bit exhausted from the hike, but hopefully very happy about the trip through the beautiful nature. Get off your shoes, grab a drink and relax. Dinnertime might already be on you but if not, you can take some time for a nap, reading or grabbing a little bit of food.

Dinnertime again offers the opportunity to get in touch with other guests. Or you embrace the feeling the secluded nature offered you on your hike and are happy to have some time for yourself.

The final morning

This day basically starts the same as the previous one, with a nice breakfast. Hopefully you enjoyed your time at Toodo, because we will definitely be happy to have had you staying with us. Take care and see you next time!