Our tents and infrastructure

All of our tents are 4×4 meters in size and placed on wooden plattforms. Currently we provide 4 tents for up to 3 persons each. Book your tent now!

All tents are fitted out with Touchoks. Those are comfortable mattresses – just like Japanese futons! Our tents are made from cotton.

They keep you warm in the colder nights and prevent heat from getting stuck inside. They also have some air vents near ground level that can be opened.

All guests are free to use our shared kitchen! We provide all the utensils you need to prepare a good meal. Make sure to bring the ingredients! We recommend buying from a bazar.

If you need to buy a bit for your meals, you’ll find a couple of small stores nearby – but they don’t have too much stuff. Upon request we offer food options.

Close to the kitchen you will find the common area to sit down, eat, talk. You prefer a silent meal? In front of your tent is also space.

For sanitation there is a shared outdoor toilet with a seat but no flushing water. As of yet we don’t have our own shower but it’s on our agenda for next year.

For entertainment, we offer you our very own outdoor cinema! Enjoy a movie in an incredible atmosphere.

Need to stretch for a bit? Hop on over to our Yoga area to stay flexible.

You are with us for one day? Check out our itinerary that suits you for this duration!

To know how to get to us from the bus station and where everything is, you can check out our maps.