Camping in the kyrgyz mountains

Hello, and welcome to Toodo! Our goal is to create a new and standout experience for locals and foreign tourists in Kyrgyzstan. We do so by providing a unique and sustainable camping experience in the northern mountain region.

Toodo is meant to be a place of comfort but not without exciting opportunities. Dive into the culture, connect with nature and enjoy a range of activities. Toodo offers you a great location to hike, explore and cook. At night you will be able to stargaze, enjoy our outdoor cinema and more.

Our vision is to promote responsible tourism by fostering connections between guests and the local community. By fusing a traditional background with progressive design, we are looking to bring out the best of the kyrgyz mountains.

Toodo welcomes backpackers, hikers and anyone that wants to enjoy the Kegeti Gorge since August 2023.

We offer the opportunity of visiting beatiful sites of nature like Kol Tor lake, horse trekking to a waterfall, visiting the animal market in Tokmok and more. You can dive into an action packed itinerary or choose to mainly relax and explore a bit of the mountains.

There is no fixed schedule, you are free to sketch out your time with us in a lot of ways. We are happy to give you some options and promise that you won’t be bored when staying at Toodo!