Explore the area

All around Toodo you can find a bunch of interesting sites to check out. Whether it be a lake, waterfall, hiking trail or what have you. We provide you with an overview of the major things to see.

You can also check out our 2-day itinerary for the whole package!

Pretty close to our camp there is a small waterfall. Going up there is pretty easy and you don’t need hardened shoes. Standing under the splashing water provides a great refreshment during the hot summer days.

Seeing the surrounding hillsites from up there is also splendid. Relax, sit down next to it and enjoy the view!

Toodo is situated in a long drawn valley, which you can explore by foot or by bike quite easily. Just follow the gravel road and enjoy the multiple little vantage points, resting places and places to find.

Kol-Tor lake

A bit further away, you’ll find the beautiful Kol-Tor lake. This is not a short walk but a real hike! The distance between Toodo and the lake is roughly 8 km. Additionally, around 500 m in altitude seperate both places. So make sure to bring enough water and take it easy!

Our first volunteer, Genís, was the first of our crew to check out Kol-Tor lake and had the following to say about the route: you follow the road from Toodo into the valley. You will come to the last yurts/houses at some point and there is an info post. After that, the real hike starts. Following the path alongside the river, you enter the woods.

The path is pretty easy to follow, so don’t fear that you’ll get lost. There might be a few obstacles however, like fallen trees or, depending on the rainfall, smaller bodies of running water.

Once you leave the woods, the path gets noticably steeper and you are on the hardest way of the hike. After about 500-750m you will reach another path close to the river that leads into the woods again. When you leave those behind, you turn left and start the last part of the trail.

Walking up the grassy and stony hillside, you will reach its top and look down onto a small lake/pond. A couple of hundred meters behind that is the Kol-Tor lake itself. Genís took roughly 3 1/2 hours to go from Toodo to the lake but he didn’t take a break. So we estimate it will roughly be a 4h hike.