We at Toodo want to offer you an opportunity to enhance your stay in Kyrgyzstan and with us, by working as a volunteer. Since one of our main goals is to support the growth of local infrastructure and business connections, Toodo’s backbone will always be people from the local community working here.

However, we do think that having volunteers around can benefit both sides quite a bit. You will be able to enjoy an extended stay in the kyrgyz mountains while getting in touch with the local culture and tradition.

For the local people working at Toodo and surrounding places, it presents the chance to improve their english, exchange cultural knowledge and enable a forward looking perspective when it comes to sustainable ambitions.

Since we are just about to start into our very first season, the volunteering content relies on a rough sketch as of now and will most likely be smoothened and expanded upon in the near future.

Basic information

The minimum stay is two weeks and english as spoken language is mandatory. Speaking russian is not, but will be incredibly useful since it is the go-to language alongside kyrgyz.

The working hours will be 4-5 per day, with 5 days per week as workday goal. It will mostly incorporate the weekends.

The working area ranges from the basic clamping/camping/hostel stuff like check-ins and check-outs, basic hospitality, building and development of the site to increasing the english speaking interaction with locals working at and with Toodo.

The opportunity to volunteer will be throughout our season, from March to October, with the bulk of guests expected between May and September.

Where you stay and what we offer

  • Accomodation: Single room in a kyrgyz house nearby, owned and lived in by the grandparents of Bahram. There is no wifi, so make sure to have a mobile plan if you need it, toilet and shower is shared and outside. They own cows and chickens, so you are in for a original rural experience. Kyrgyz people love having people over, so the house may get busy every now and then.
  • Food: Breakfast is free and consists of the breakfast we offer at Toodo and which you will be preparing more often than not. The family will invite for their meals with them, so it would be nice if you buy some groceries for all of you every now and then for them to use! Expect a lot of kyrgyz meals, oily, rice, vegetables and meat based. 🙂

Important to know

  • Language barrier: the family you live at does not speak english, so be prepared to use a translator app. This extends to most people living in the kyrgyz mountains.
  • Internet: for now neither Toodo nor the house has an internet connection. The mobile connection in the area is very good though.
  • Bahrams availability at Toodo: he will be at Toodo most of the time, especially during peak season. He lives in the city, so he will commute between Bishkek and Tokmok a lot.
  • Area: the next big city is Tokmok, large supermarkets or similar stuff can not be found in the mountains. Check out our transportation article for the information on how to get to Tokmok and back.


  • Check-in and check-out of guests
  • Prepare breakfast and tea for guests (and yourself) – as of now savory and sweet waffles
  • Change and wash bedlinen
  • Cleaning of tents, kitchen, toilet and general area (we don’t expect much trash though!)
  • Implement new, eco friendly initiatives (we are open to ideas and if you always had a little project to try, just ask us!)
  • Since we are planning to provide cultural and linguistic exchange at Toodo, we would love to host english speaking days with conversation lessons (maybe that’s right up your alley!)
  • Take a walk with the cows 😉

What we are looking for

We are looking for a person who is up to adventures, looking for a new personal challenge and things to learn. You should be comfortable communicating with new people, whether it be in spoken word or with hand and feet. Make our guests happy and promote Toodo as a safe place and space for everybody coming to the kyrgyz mountains!

Caught your attention? Contact us via the formular below, we are eager to hear from you!