2-day itinerary at Toodo

So you are curious about what you can do at Toodo when you stay for one night? Look no further! We have a relaxed recommendation for you.


The earliest check-in time is 2 p.m. When your tent hasn’t been occupied, you can leave your stuff earlier of course. You will be welcomed by a member of our crew and served some chai!


If you have been on the road before, now is probably the time to prepare some food. We recommend that you bring the major stuff with you, since the small magazĂ­n (shops) nearby are not comparable to a supermarket.

However, we also offer homemade Pelmeni and changing other dishes.

You can use our kitchen and cook yourself a nice meal and eat either in front of your tent or at our common area.

Small hike to the waterfall

If you feel up to a little exploration of the area, you can hike to the nearby waterfall. It is an easy hike, takes roughly 1h and presents you with the opportunity to let the cold, refreshing mountain water splash your body.

Horse trekking is available upon request. Ask us for availability and prices.

It is a very popular place for locals, so you will probably see quite a few fellow visitors around it.

Closing out the day

After visiting the waterfall, you are free to wander around the area, enjoy the scenic views and relax. At Toodo you are able to prepare dinner. Whether you want to grill or cook something, we have the means to do so.

One of our 4-person tents.

In the evening you will have the option to watch a movie at the common area, or just sit around, read something, let your mind and soul rest or wander. Sometimes there may be a bonfire and if there are other guests, it’ll probably be easy to get in touch with others who enjoy the secluded place Toodo is.

The next morning

After a calm night and good sleep you are ready for breakfast! We offer syrniki, selfmade cottage cheese pancakes and other dishes, that may be subject to change. We keep you informed though!

See you next time and travel happy and safe!