Simcards & mobile internet in Kyrgyzstan

Nearly everyone uses that little helper called smartphone. And almost everywhere it is incredibly useful to plan routes and stops, book stays, look for the nearest or best restaurant and so forth.

In order to grant ourselves maximum independence, we can use simcards. No more asking for wifi or looking for a hotspot! Kyrgyzstan offers several options to stay online and have everything a Google search away when needed.

Most of the providers we list have stores that you can go to and buy a physical sim or to get an e-sim. However, there is also the option to check-out pop-desks in Bishkek and other bigger cities, where you can get the same, but without being asked for passport or ID.

So if you are on the fly or left your passport in the hotel/hostel, this is a nice option to have. We actually used it before. Just make sure to test the sim before taking off. And you have to pay in cash.

The following blocks will give you a short description of the respective provider, what plans they offer, how much they roughly cost and how tight their network grid is.


We can recommend O! based on our own experience. There are many stores in Bishkek and other cities, as well as pop-up desks. O! offers physical and e-sims.

We have had very good internet connection outside of cities, even higher up in the mountains. Speed was great for everything, from messaging and video calls to streaming. They have considerably expanded their network over the past few years.

O! is very budget friendly: in March 2024 we took the 2,50€ 40 GB option and an unlimited option for 8,50€; both for 30 days. The former bought in Bishkek at an pop-up desk, the other at the airport in the O!-store at the entrance.

More infos can be found on their website:


Megacom has been on the market the longest and offers a well established network everywhere in Kyrgyzstan. Their simcards are a bit pricier, e.g. around 10€ for unlimited data for one month, but still a good choice.

You can get physical simcards in their stores or at kiosks, and pop-up desks in Bishkek. E-sims can be bought there as well – or you check out their website if you speak russian and can read kyrillic:


Beeline is the second largest mobile company and they provide equally good coverage. Again, their simcards can be bought at several places, from stores to pop-up desks. Additionally, you can check and compare the prices on their website if you speak russian or use a translation tool:

Other options

There are a few other providers you can choose, like the travellers favorite Airalo. However, their plans are considerably more expensive. Due to the widespread availability of places to buy physical and e-simcards, we don’t see a necessity to pay that much more.

Still, if you want to check them out, because you have discounts or are traveling more central asian countries, here you go: