The 101 of Kyrgyzstan

You might ask yourself: why travel to Kyrgyzstan? What are the pull-factors of the country that makes me want to visit it?

Well, look no further! In this post we are going to tell you, why this landlocked central asian country is a travel destination worthy of your visit.

The first two things that come to mind when presenting Kyrgyzstan are its nature and its food. It is a place of stunning mountain ranges, beautiful lakes, lush green pastures and the sizzling hot steppe.

You can find several mountains with their peaks covered in snow throughout the year. Even when standing at the shores of the Issyk-Kul you can observe these towering giants in the distance.

At the northern shore of Issyk-Kul.

Refreshing swims in beautiful lakes

Speaking of the Issyk-Kul: Its name translates to “warm lake” and it is the second largest saline lake in the world! People from all over the country come here to spend vacations, in addition to tourists from all over the world. When Kyrgyzstan sees temperatures rising to 40° Celsius in the summer, cooling off in a mesmerizingly beautiful lake is everything one can wish for.

The flatlands of northern Kyrgyzstan.

However, the Issyk-Kul isn’t the only lake worth diving into. The Son-Kul is located southwest of Issyk-Kul and offers a different experience. Due to its allevation level of more than 3000m, the surrounding temperatures rarely scratch 20° Celsius during summer. And nights can get very cold!

While the infrastructure around Issyk-Kul’s northern side is pretty good, at Son-Kul you will find only some Yurts around the lake. Those can be rented from locals though and over the years it has become a staple destination.

Explore the encapsulating mountain areas

Once you have satisfied your need for diving into refreshing lakes, you might very well go hiking! Throughout the country you will find countless opportunities to follow trails. Some are well traversed, others merely used by local mountain herders.

Mountains in the Kegety Gorge.

If you are looking to let your mind wander, connect with the rough calmness of mountaineous regions and give your body a challenge: Kyrgyzstan has you fully covered. Whether you come from Bishkek or Issyk-Kul, starting from Toodo or another place: a mountaineers heart beats with joy when hiking and climbing in this hard yet welcoming place on earth.

A buzzing central asian metropole

But Kyrgyzstan has yet more to offer. While most tourists coming here are of the adventurous kind, the cities are buzzing with life, too. Bishkek has grown into a farily modern powerhouse and you will find many, many bars, restaurants, pubs and clubs to visit.

Meet the local youth, students from abroad and people on workation: they are all looking for a good time while being part of the drive behind the countries future development.

Eat heartily and expand your taste

Bishkek, of course, gives you a good entry to delve into the food culture of Kyrgyzstan. This country is a melting pot with influences from central asian nomads, uzbeks, uygurs, chinese and former soviet cuisine as well as sprinkles of turkish influence.

Eat and drink yourself through Pilav, Beshbarmak, Shashlik, Lagman, Ashlan-Fu, Samsa, Ayran and much, much more. Getting to know dishes local but not first on the menue for tourists can easily be accomplished by going on a food tour!

A plate of Ashlan-Fu.

People are very welcoming, they may even invite you into their home to share a meal with you. So whether you are backpacking, staying in the capital and Issyk-Kul only for a short time, or what have you: Kyrgyzstan’s landscape, people, culture and food welcome you like a family member.

Get to know this amazing country and make sure to stop at our place in the Kegety Gorge! We are happy to host you in one of our tents and the surrounding area has a lot to offer.

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View up the valley of Toodo.